Reliable Responsive Care
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Jeanette 21

What we do Personalised at-home care in Scotland

At Crossroads Caring Scotland we take a person-centred approach, which means that every individual receives the support that is right for them.

Our teams are small and carefully matched with service users to ensure they are comfortable with the team members who look after them. We know how important continuity and a familiar face are to service users and their families.

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Individually assessed care plans

When you first start using our services, our experienced staff will carry out an initial assessment. They will work with each service user and their families to prepare a care plan focused on individual needs. If the local authority is providing the funding for our care services, they will have specified the number of hours required. We will work within these recommendations to ensure that the care we provide best matches the needs of the service user.

Our highly personalised approach

Each service user's personal care plan takes account of personal tastes and preferences in addition to their emotional, physical and medical needs. As well as likes and dislikes in - for example, food and drink - we build into each personal plan the things that our service users enjoy doing most and what they want to achieve. These plans are reviewed every six months, or more often if required, to ensure that care is adapted to meet changing needs. Our personal planning and flexible care services ensure that every service user receives the support that is right for them.

The aim of our care service is to help people retain their independence and enjoy a good quality of life by allowing them to continue living in their own homes, in the midst of their community. While our services are usually provided within the home, we also offer support that allows people to take part in community life outside of the home. Our services include assistance with daily life, respite for carers, palliative care and specialist children's services.

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